We are a passionate group of people all coming together to bring you this amazing event each year.

For those who have organised an event of this size you will understand the work and costs involved, it is months and months of work, phone calls, emails, rescheduling and reshuffling to accommodate stall holders, guest speakers and workshop requests. We are committed to making this a successful annual event that brings people and businesses to our Wide Bay region.

Introducing the Off Grid Lifestyle Expo Team:

Di Woodstock brings the Lifestyle interest to the expo – she is passionate about people enjoying whatever they do to live well and be happy.  Deanne White brings a background in event co-ordination and has been involved with this event since its inception. Shakya Jemison is a wicked web designer and passionate about her health and the health of her land. Woody is Di’s husband of 30 odd years and supports the weird and wonderful things we create. He will be very involved as we get closer to the event. We all are friends and complement each other in so many ways.

Looking forward to bringing you a bigger and better event in our home town location of Gympie QLD. We all look forward to meeting everyone at the Gympie Showground on the 3rd and 4th August 2024.


Event Organiser

Deanne White

Is on the journey of living totally Off Grid. Her dream is the completion of an eco-friendly house incorporating passive natural lighting and airflow walls eventually. This journey began on very limited income and is proof that with small steps you can eventually achieve your goal.

There are hurdles and hiccups along the way and everything is not all flowing dresses and straw hats, but if you stay focused on the wonderful parts, then you can do anything. Go into the journey with your eyes open and know that it will be an ongoing lifestyle.

Dee brings extensive event coordination and knowledge to this expo and is the main voice on the end of the phone.

Event Organiser

Di Woodstock

Hi – my current every day is in retail as we own and operate Magicality in Mary St Gympie QLD. I have always been involved with community and love to bring people together to share knowledge and information. We moved to the Gympie area about 24 years ago onto 40 acres and learnt very quickly about caring for the land, appreciating the wildlife and coping with floods and droughts.

Two years ago, we sold and bought 2 acres at Mothar Mountain. It began with 2 trees at the bottom of a fairly steep slope. Now I am planting native plants and trees and the birds and lizards are starting to come in.

Event Organiser

Bruce Woodstock

Woody: aka Bruce but known as Woody. He works for Roadcraft as a senior driver trainer, is very organised and passionate about teaching people to stay safe. His background is in tourism, loves Queensland with a passion, was born on QLD day in NSW.

Woody is Di’s husband of 30 odd years and supports the weird and wonderful things she signs them up for. He will be very involved as we get closed to D-Day and is our rock and grounding person on the committee.

Farmer / Web Designer

Shakya Jemison

I love the country life, everything about it. The music, the people, the trees, the air, the dirt, in fact I have learned to both love and respect dirt as it is so important. Most days I carry a fair amount of it on me, under my nails, in my hair and my boots no matter how careful I am. I consider myself a farmer because last year I grew my own corn and ate it. Don’t know why this was the vegetable that decided it for me, but it was. I love learning and I am on a journey of discovery, my goal is to live completely off grid and each day I get a bit closer.  I can’t wait to see what the future will bring. The accidental gardener and proud farmer. Shakya 🙂

Event Organisers:
Dee White: dee@offgridexpo.com.au – 0434 630 510  |  Di Woodstock: di@offgridexpo.com.au – 0419 224 628

Event Organisers

Dee White
0434 630 510

Di Woodstock
0419 224 628