Frequently Asked Questions?

Is the event going ahead?

All plans for 2024 are GO and we intend to hold this event on time and at Gympie Showgrounds. If for any reason the event is cancelled. Tickets can be refunded or moved to the new event as requested by the ticket holder.

What Happens if it is raining?

We are holding an OFF GRID LIFESTYLE EXPO – we glory in the heat, the dry and the rain. We aim to proceed in all weather types as the venue is the Showgrounds and there is grass and some all weather roads.

What Happens if it is sunny and hot?

We are holding an OFF GRID LIFESTYLE EXPO – we glory in the heat, the dry and the rain. The venue is a showground so therefore there is very little shade.  There is grass underfoot but it may be warm so bring plenty of water, wear a good hat or even bring an umbrella for shade.

Is there entertainment?

We hope that there will be some buskers wandering around the venue at various times during the days. There are some amazing songwriters, singers and other performers in our areas and so we hope they will attend. These will be unplugged so we encourage you to bring a blanket, a hat and spend some time enjoying the music.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes you can. Cash is an easy option and the entry is $10 per day or $15 for the weekend. We will offer EFT as an option which will incur 1.6% merchant fee.

Tickets will also be available prior to the Expo in the Gympie area. Keep an eye open for locations and pre-book your tickets for faster entry on the weekend.

You can buy your tickets online via our website. Then either print out your email and bring it with you or save it to your phone. A quick scan or a tick on the list, add your armband on and in you go.

Why should I buy tickets online?

This assists our catering for the food vans – how do they know how many burgers to buy if they don’t know how many people will be hungry? Having pre-ticket sales helps us know how many toilets to order, how many arm bands we may need and so much more.  Just imagine if you are hosting a gathering but it is “open house”.

It is also the quickest way if you print out your email and bring it with you to the Expo. A quick scan or a tick on the list, pop on your armband and your good to go.

Can I bring the kids?

Children are welcome, but do not have planned activities for children during the event. However perhaps bring a blanket for some quiet time if they need it. Children under 16 are free.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes you may bring well mannered, friendly dogs but they MUST be on a leash and under your control at ALL times. You must not enter the Tiny Houses or other enclosures with them on the ground. You MUST clean up after them and please DO NOT allow your male dog to lift his leg on any thing other than the trees. There are no prickles at the venue thank goodness. Also we will have some water bowls for the pups to use.

There are a few wonderful boarding kennels in the area who may be happy to day sit for your furry companion. Please contact us for further details.

Can I come Sunday if my ticket is for Saturday?

That is fine as the ticket is a day ticket and can only be used for one day not the weekend.

I can’t make it – can I give my ticket to a friend?

That is a lovely thing to do and we don’t want you to waste your ticket either. Go to HUMANITIX and change the name on the ticket for contact tracing purposes and reprint it for them or ring us and we can arrange it.

Can I camp for the weekend?

We have a page on our website devoted to accommodation in Gympie. We have camping areas, BnB’s, Motels and Hotels.

Is the venue flat for access?

Yes – the main area is flat. There will be disability parking – especially for drop off and pick up if possible – near the front entrance.


There will be plenty of food available at the expo, and a variety of choices in the main street of Goomeri before and after the event.


We will not have an ATM at the venue due to costs – however there plenty of cash-out facilities at businesses in Gympie. The closet to the showgrounds in Woolworths Southside. Please bring cash as not all vendor have EFT available.

Disabled Facilities

As this is a showground area if it rains the ground may become boggy and difficult for wheelchairs and the like.

Our committee is happy to assist you with any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact us via phone or email if you have any questions we haven’t covered in the above information.

To view the type of exhibitors who attend our expo please visit our Exhibitors Page.

If you are interested in attending as a Stall Holder or Food Vendor please fill in the application form and we will be in contact to confirm your booking.

Event Organisers

Dee White
0434 630 510

Di Woodstock
0419 224 628

Event Organisers:
Dee White: – 0434 630 510  |  Di Woodstock: – 0419 224 628