Guest Speakers

We will have a line up of interesting and knowledgeable people coming to talk
about what they do and how you can live off grid and gain freedom over your life.

Off Grid Lifestyle Expo – Speaker Line up 2024

We have a vast array of knowledgeable people in our region, who are happy to share their wisdom and experiences with us so we can learn to be better caretakers of our land.

Most run workshops and courses so you can gain hands on experience and learn the skills required to improve your soil health and grow a productive permaculture garden or food forest.  Bring your land back to life with proper planning and implementation of no spray weed control, landscaping and water capture.

Create a frog pond or habitat to attract birds, bees and native animals, including koalas.  Our koalas are unfortunately now listed as endangered due to habitat loss through fires and land clearing. Learn how and what to plant for food and shelter for these beautiful animals. Planting trees, shrubs, and native flowers also encourage important pollinators to your patch of land, regardless of size.

Holistic farming methods and self-care are important aspects of living win harmony with the land. We need healthy people to assist with our mission to bring people and the land into a better balance and understanding of what is needed for both to be happy and healthy.

All speaker events are included in the cost of your ticket.
Many of our speakers have an Exhibitors Stand as well.
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Saturday 2024

Universal Energy Clearing

Saturday 12pm with Heinz Gugger

How to use dowsing tools to clear and neutralize any detrimental energies on the land. How to find water for a water bore and how to move water lines which are under the house using earth acupuncture.

Keeping livestock and onsite butchering

Saturday TBA with Allan Neal

Allan, who owned Neals Family Meats for years, will be talking about the ins and outs of keeping your own livestock and the truths about butchering your own meat.

Soil Care

Saturday TBA with Erik Houweling

Erik will be talking about looking after the soil on your property. Everything starts with healthy soil, and although the maintenance varies for different types of soil, Erik has extension knowledge to share.

Wicking Beds

Saturday TBA with Pete

Pete from Gympie Community Gardens will go through how to make wicking beds in a variety of different containers and beds, using different methods and materials.

Mobile Power Solutions

Saturday TBA with Tony Villiers

Solar power misconceptions
Practical tips for lowering power consumption
Choosing off-grid friendly appliances

Certified Energy Solutions

Saturday TBA with Dan

Answering commonly asked questions about solar power. Inclduding converting you current system to battery or Hybrid and the truth about EMF form solar panels.

Event Organisers:
Dee White: – 0434 630 510  |  Di Woodstock: – 0419 224 628

Event Organisers

Dee White
0434 630 510

Di Woodstock
0419 224 628