Exhibitors & Artisans

We had the pleasure of showcasing a variety of exhibitors and small businesses who attended our very first Expo in 2021. They brought passion and information to help us reduce our impact on the world and move towards living off the grid.

Not only do we promote the physical items for Off Grid Living such as solar and composting toilets, plants and super poo – but we also support those brave people who have created their own income from doing what they love. That is the LIFESTYLE in our Expo name! They will bring their craft, creations, growing and modalities to share with you. From Apothecary items to Crystals, from Exotic plants to Kahuna Massage – there will be something for everyone at our 2022 event. Do you have something done with love to share with our visitors? If so – book in now! You won’t regret it!

If you would like to come join us, please complete the application form to confirm your space.

Below is a list of those who attended the 2021 event.


Herbal Valley Apothecary

Off Grid Lifestyle Solutions

Off Grid Lifestyle Solutions can provide a tailored solution to meet your specific needs, requirements and more importantly your budget. From a DIY System to completed installation by one of our licensed installers, you can be assured we have a solution for you.

Off Grid and Hybrid Solar Systems – Solar Pumping Systems – Environmental Monitoring & Soil Monitoring Systems – Composting toilets

Residential – Commercial – RV/Caravan – Marine – Military – Telco


Herbal Valley Apothecary

Artisans By Design

Artisans creating designs with Leadlight Glass and crafted Woodwork.

Robyn and Peter are Woodwork and Leadlight Artisans. Together they have created and designed individual Leadlight in Camphaloral Timber frames. Our timber and glass are reclaimed and recycled products.

Robyn and Peter are excited to be able to attend and support the off grid expo…


Herbal Valley Apothecary


‘Inspired by Moana’🌺 Handcrafted Macrame Crystal Jewellery gives you the opportunity to heal your energies the holistic way.

One of the many ways Mother Earth intended Crystals have a variety of healing properties for your energies, emotions, alignments, spiritual, health etc. You can choose what you resonate with or Moana can help you by channelling through your energies to see what best suits your needs.

All ‘Inspired by Moana’🌺 creations are handcrafted by Moana herself setting intentions of Love, Healing & Protection into every piece. Love & Light 🙏🏽


handmade faerie costumes

Habitance Architects

Off-Grid and On Point
Whether you are designing and building new, renovating existing houses or using recycled materials to create your home, there are many options for people and communities to live Off the Grid.  It is hot topic as it points and highlights today’s financial, social, and environmental issues.  Understanding the positive impacts on not only the individuals and the greater community living off-grid but will affect regional and government bodies.  These organisations need to encourage the use of natural resources combined with innovative technology in future developments so off-grid, tiny homes and resilient houses can assist with the current housing crisis and benefit future generations


Herbal Valley Apothecary


Herbal products traditionally cured and made with love and care.

Traditionally made herbal products. Salves, Lotions, Tinctures, Medicinal honey, Elixirs, Syrups, Herbal teas.

I use zero waist products and packaging. All of it can be reused.


Herbal Valley Apothecary

Elfin Faery

Handmade faery wear, upcycled and funky. Wings and faery  wear, layer skirts , elf hoods, flowers staffs, faery dells and more unique creations.

I find my inspiration through nature, my dreams, my faery guides and fantasy/ magical / medieval movies.

I have been a faery for over 20 years, doing nature workshops at the Woodford folk festival, The Planting, numerous schools and permaculture festivals, and for town parades over ten years ago. I now just create magical creations from my heart and showcase them for sale at local festivals and markets also having a faerie space at a local shop in Gympie.


Herbal Valley Apothecary

Accusharp Sharpeners & Knives

Charlie Summers
0414 183 223

Keep your knives in top shape with our elite houseware sharpeners.  In about 10 seconds, sharpen all of your knives, serrated knives, cleavers, chef’s knives, paring knives, boning knives, butcher knives, and carving knives saving you time and money.

Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, gardener, or outdoor enthusiast of all, we have a sharpener to make you a pro. In about 10 seconds, sharpen all of your hatchets, axes, machetes, spears, spearheads, serrated knives, pocketknives, broadheads, lawn mower blades, and much more.

Herbal Valley Apothecary

Magically Eccentric

0457 572 808

Crystals, clear sprays and smudging herbs & resins, natural incense, crystal macrame jewellery and hangers, natural face & body products.

Facebook Link:  @MagicallyLunar

Herbal Valley Apothecary

Ezi Camp

Phillip Ollington
0414 872 691

We specialise in equipment need for people living in caravans.

Ground dog screw in pegs, caravan awning kit, caravan levelling systems, ponytails wide brim hats, camping accessories.

handmade faerie costumes


Smartgrid has installed hundreds of solar systems in Queensland.

With years of experience and fully qualified in off-grid design and install you can rest assured a smartgrid install will work in even the harshest Australian conditions.

Smartgrid can advise what will suit your needs and budget without any hard sell nonsense.

Friendly advice and after sales service so you are never left in the dark.

Phone: 0477 036 586


handmade faerie costumes


We supply Quality Steel Designer Fire Pits, BBQ Grills & Outdoor Features for the social wood-fired experience.

Discover our unique innovative range which is perfect for outdoor living and entertaining.

A Queensland family business providing Australians with quality service shipping Australia-wide.
Yagoona – Life in the Moment – Life in the Now.


women's bamboo fashions range

Bambooy Clothing

My own labels of Bamboo clothing for women – most of which are made here on Sunshine Coast.  I also make my own cotton scarves and do eco dyeing and Japanese Shibori indigo dyeing.  I also make rope/yarn necklaces in funky prints.

Bamboo clothing is environmentally friendly using much less water than other fabrics.  Bamboo clothing is also long lasting and anti-bacterial so these are not your disposable clothing therefore these items will last for many years, taking away the need to support the industry of disposal everything. 

Phone: 0410 529 113


handmade faerie costumes

Earth Girl Seven

Crystal Jewellery including pendants, bracelets & earrings & all other things crystals.

Earth Girl Seven is a locally owned small business handcrafting wire wrapped crystals. Enhance the natural beauty within with crystals from all over the world & let them guide you in all areas of healing. Pendants, earrings and bracelets are our speciality with tumbles, spheres, towers and more.

Phone: 0498 389 756


handmade faerie costumes

Red Earth Energy

Wide range of Australian designed and manufactured battery storage solutions for Off Grid and Hybrid applications.

One on one consultation services from design to implementation
Complete turn key installation packages with our CEC approved installers
Advice on energy efficient methods of construction and sustainable living

Consultation services – Commercial Solar and battery storage – Agricultural Solar and Storage – Residential Solar and Storage – Off Grid / Stand Alone Solar and Storage.

Unit 2 / 12 Jane St Gympie QLD 4570

Phone: 0419 251 357


off grid waste water management systems


Ecoflo Wastewater Management Pty Ltd are the largest composting toilet company in Australia, designing and building eco wastewater solutions for over 40 years.

Our toilets don’t need water or chemicals to treat or transport our waste, so they can help save water whilst avoiding any negative impact on the local environment. 

By using natural bacterial processes,  waste is broken down into safe compost that can be beneficially recycled into the soil.

We believe in the power of the individual to take control of their impact on the earth – in turn helping themselves, their family, their community and Mother Nature.

Phone:  07 3889 6144
Website Link
Facebook Link

Herbal Valley Apothecary

QLD Frog Society

Fostering an awareness of frogs and working to help conserve our frogs and their native habitat.

Our aims are to encourage and foster an interest in frogs, to provide expert assistance and education for newcomers and undertake a continuous survey of the local native species to determine their relative abundance and distribution.


Herbal Valley Apothecary

Angels Love

I have been hand making crystal and gemstones suncatchers for 18 years and love it. Healing with crystals and gemstones can help bring calm and focus in our life. There is a huge range of sterling silver jewellery.

Have trouble finding a ring to fit?
We have sizes 3 to 14.
Proud Australian owned business.

PH: 0402 787 321


Herbal Valley Apothecary

Evolution Solar Kingaroy

Solutions, Not Systems

We specialise in 4WD, Camping and Caravan off-grid options.
Evolution Solar Kingaroy is a locally owned and operated solar solutions company. We bring solar to you, designing a system that perfectly fits your requirements and regular usage.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We want to look after your needs by accommodating your budget, energy usage and clean energy preferences. There’s an affordable, reliable option for everyone if you know where to look. Affordable doesn’t mean low quality. Our team works with products that we feel comfortable recommending.  After we’ve designed and installed your system, we’ll check on the results.

PH: 07 4162 2759


off grid composting toilets Australia made


Compost toilets & Waste Treatment Products
The first of its kind in Australia, the Nature’s Head self-contained composting toilet is taking the market by storm.

These systems have a 5 year warranty, are marine grade quality, have a smaller footprint than the rest and are good for up to 80 uses between cycles.

Phone: 1800 707 076

Website Link
Facebook Link

Herbal Valley Apothecary

Burnett Beekeeping Supplies

Australia Wide Beekeeping Supplies

As specialists in our field, we supply apiarists across Australia with high standard beekeeping equipment to keep bees happy and loving their bee hives. Our products are now in demand as our reputation for quality is gaining momentum.  Located just outside of Kingaroy in the heart of the beautiful South Burnett, we manufacture a range of products including:

Quality Hoop Pine Boxes
Clearer Boards
Lid Rim

PH: 0427 946 614 or 0429 130 167


Herbal Valley Apothecary

Barambah Beekeepers Association Inc.

Our Club comprises of amateur beekeepers to commercial apiarists and exists to foster beekeeping in the South Burnett region and to support and learn from each other.
We promote awareness in the local community of the importance of bees and the threats to bee populations.
We also play our part in stopping the decline in bee populations through the provision of suitable nesting habitats – both natural and managed; protection of bees from pests, disease, environmental and other threats within the Biosecurity requirements and wherever possible, rehoming of bee swarms to suitable habitats.

PH: 0407 982 943


off grid composting toilets Australia made

Smyle Designs

At Smyle Designs our mission is to keep your outfits cute and the planet happy. We make colourful, eco-friendly jewellery using our artwork and recycled plastics, all from our happy home studio here in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

Making ethical and sustainable choices does not mean you have to compromise on quality, design or gorgeousness. With our colourful artwork and a whole lot of love, plastics destined for landfill are transformed into amazing earrings, brooches and pins….that are as unique and beautiful as you. They’re lightweight, guaranteed to make you smile….and they’re good for the planet.

Phone: 0499 101 153

Website Link
Facebook Link

Koala Habitat Restoration and Rescue Gympie


Koala Action Gympie Region Inc


A group of environmentally aware citizens striving to regenerate bushland to provide habitat, food and protection for our lovely local koalas through our tree planting activities.

It’s not just the koalas who benefit!

Innumerable birds, insects and other wildlife gradually move into these reforested sites increasing biodiversity and assisting with regeneration through seed dispersal and creating a more balanced environment. Trees assist with soil erosion and cleaner air so we humans benefit too.

Our members enjoy working with nature, interacting with and educating the community about our koala populations and promoting a more sustainable future for the Gympie district and our koalas.

Phone:  0428 865 172

Website Link
Facebook Link

Koala Habitat Restoration and Rescue Gympie


Privacy Tent for Toileting, Change room, and Unlimited Recycling Shower that can operate on as little as 5L of water.

A simple, easy to set up and portable shower and privacy shelter for use along side your cabin, tiny house or off grid property.

Water security is a big factor in going offgrid and minimising usage allows you to feel more secure about your water resources. Shower as long as you like on as little as 5L of water, capture your grey water for watering gardens and plants.

Use 1Tent as a temporary or permanent solution to your privacy & shower needs on your offgrid property.

Phone: 0499 017 586

Website Link
Instagram Link

Off grid power systems


Keystones Electrical are Eumundi based electrical contractors specialising in designing and installing off-grid energy systems for residential and commercial premises.

Servicing the Sunshine Coast, Hinterland and Wide Bay, our experienced team work with customers looking at all aspects of the home or business including appliances, machinery, heating/cooling, waste management and pumps in order to design an efficient off-grid system that adequately meets their energy needs. We’re passionate about ‘lifestyle’ in the sense of working with and being part of the environment that we live and work in, as well as reducing our carbon footprint.

Phone: 07 3726 6222


Herbal Valley Apothecary

Gympie Permaculture

Gympie Permaculture is a local group of like minded gardeners from Gympie and surrounding areas. We meet monthly at different locations, peoples properties etc. AT the meeting we swap plant cuttings and seedlings, along with any fruit and veg we have in excess. The meeting concludes with a social cuppa and a bite to eat.
Everyone brings a plate to share and pays $2 to go into the door prize.
We sometimes have guest speakers that talk and do workshops about permaculture. We also do visits to people homes that are already well on the way to achieving their permaculture goals.


Herbal Valley Apothecary

Aircrete Domes Australia

Building process for offgrid housing option, Dome Structures made from Aircrete.

Syntropic life is a group of like-minded individuals drawn together through friendship, common spiritual interests and a desire to operate in the spirit of community and thereby help instigate positive change in the world. It is of life and for life.

Our community’s name is Syntropic Life and we educate and train people in this method. Its the most inexpensive method and DIY so anyone can learn. We also plug in other sustainable solutions.


handmade faerie costumes

Composta Australia

Composta Australia worm farms

The “Composta” is a Garden AND Wormfarm in one using everyday kitchen scraps and the magic of Composting Worms to produce a rich organic fertilizer that feeds the plants growing within the pot itself.

The perfect solution for space constrained green thumbs and an amazing addition to any garden. Proudly Australian made, Composta helps you and the planet live well.


Herbal Valley Apothecary

Corella Native Nursery

Native plant nursery
Native tubestock for revegetation
Bush regeneration
Vegetation surveys/property reports
Weed Control Services

We help people to restore natural areas of their property, by supplying and planting native trees, controlling weed species, increasing biodiversity, in turn benefiting food growing systems, health of local environment and community.

Herbal Valley Apothecary

Dan Vanderhoek Century 21

Eco & Lifestyle Real Estate Specialist

Specialising in Eco and Lifestyle properties, I am a real estate agent servicing the Gympie and Surrounding region in South East Queensland. I have been working in the real estate industry selling residential and rural properties for the last 6 years and have enjoyed my time and accumulated numerous accolades over this time. While I certainly still sell and enjoy selling rural and residential properties, there has grown a burgeoning need for a specialist in the Eco arena.
If you’ve got an Eco or lifestyle property that you are looking to sell, you need an agent who understands and appreciates the value in order to sell it for what it is worth.
handmade faerie costumes

Luna Seed

Using seed bomb/ball tech is a very useful gardening and reveg technique. Gardening books for gardening education.

Seed Balls
Plantable Seed Cards
Gardening Gifts


Herbal Valley Apothecary

Atlas Frames

Atlas Frame is a family-owned company that specializes in prefabricated steel frames and trusses. We offer customizable structures ideal for pods, sheds, tiny homes, or portable buildings.

Our dedication to craftsmanship and quality drives our business and we are proud of the products we deliver.
Our frames are built using Bluescope Steels’ TRUECORE steel which is 100% Australian-made and 100% recyclable.



Herbal Valley Apothecary

Holistic Farming

Our mission is to help and empower everyone from farmers to private residents through to commercial sites like restaurants, schools, businesses and alternative practitioners from all over the world to clear detrimental energy allowing beneficial energy to flow in their environment and surroundings.

We specialize in water dowsing to find the best spots to drill for water and moving underground water streams.



Event Organisers:
Dee White: – 0434 630 510  |  Di Woodstock: – 0419 224 628

Event Organisers

Dee White
0434 630 510

Di Woodstock
0419 224 628