Exhibitors & Artisans

We have the pleasure of showcasing a variety of exhibitors and small businesses who attend our Expo. They bring passion and information to help us reduce our impact on the world and move towards an off grid lifestyle.

Not only do we promote the physical items for Off Grid Living such as solar and composting toilets, plants and alternative housing – but we also support those brave people who have created their own income from doing what they love. That is the LIFESTYLE in our Expo name! They will bring their craft, creations skills and knowledge to share with you. From Tiny Cabins to Crystals, from Native plants to Micro herbs – there will be something for everyone at our 2024 event.

Do you have something you would love to share with our visitors? If so – book in now! You won’t regret it!

If you would like to come join us, please complete the application form to confirm your space.

Bookings are coming through already for 2024 and will pop up on this page as they are confirmed so watch this page.

We add posts to our blog page regularly and will often showcase one of our Exhibitor’s projects.

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tiny homes, eco homes Australian Made

Taylormade Tiny Houses

Our tiny house builders in the Sunshine Coast are here to help you build your dream from the ground up. Our building services include custom container houses, container modifications, house renovations and joinery. We also sell DIY insulated panels, containers and tiny homes.

We service clients throughout:
Brisbane | Gold Coast | Sunshine Coast
Southern Queensland | Rural Queensland

In all of our builds, we focus on delivering solutions that are tailored to each customer’s individual needs. So, whether you’re looking for a new place to call home, an outback office, an anti-technology retreat or even an extra space for the kids, a Taylormade build is the ideal choice.

Phone: 0418 790 348


tiny homes, eco homes Australian Made

Rain Again Tanks

Rain Again Tanks are not just another water tank company.
We provide complete water storage solutions at affordable prices, for every situation. Whether you need a slimline rainwater tank for an urban block, or large round 5000 Gallon rainwater tank for a rural property in Queensland, our tanks are designed, engineered, and built to last and is Australia’s choice for all water tank requirements.

100% Queensland Family Owned and Operated
Heavy Metal Free
Written Weight Guarantee
20yr Full Warranty NOT PRO-RATA
No up-front deposits for standard orders

Phone: 07 4152 3133


Off Grid Housing Solutions

Aircrete Domes Australia

Offering a building process for offgrid housing options.
Dome Structures made from Aircrete.

We provide training and skill-sharing via our workshops as well as running other community events as not-for-profit supporting sustainability, food production and affordable housing. We are linking with other like-minded communities to provide solutions in dealing with many of the challenging issues both economically and personally in these fast changing times.

We will be doing live demonstrations at the stand throughout the day.


off grid waste water management systems


Ecoflo Wastewater Management Pty Ltd are the largest composting toilet company in Australia, designing and building eco wastewater solutions for over 40 years.

Our toilets don’t need water or chemicals to treat or transport our waste, so they can help save water whilst avoiding any negative impact on the local environment.

By using natural bacterial processes,  waste is broken down into safe compost that can be beneficially recycled into the soil.

We believe in the power of the individual to take control of their impact on the earth – in turn helping themselves, their family, their community and Mother Nature.

Phone:  07 3889 6144

Identifying Frogs


EnviroPro distributes the Nature’s Head™ & OGO™ waterless composting toilets. These toilets are known worldwide for their odour free, waterless, effective treatment of waste.
The OGO™ in particular, with its good looks and small footprint is extremely simple to use.
In addition, EnviroPro manufacture and distribute a range of Environmentally safe products for waste treatments for Septic Tanks, Drains and Portable Toilets.


off grid waste water management systems

Childers Batteries & Off Grid Living Centre

We carry the complete range of Cinderella Incineration toilets.

Cinderella Incineration Toilets are perfect for Tiny Homes. No water supply or sewage connection required. They are a high quality product made in Norway.

Childers Batteries & Off Grid Living Centre are the Queensland Agents for the Amazing Cinderella Incineration toilets, Victron Power products and more. For all your battery requirements or to power you off grid dream.

Phone: 0466 406 200


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Certified Energy Solutions

Certified Energy Solutions are your local Solar, Battery, Hybrid and Off Grid renewable energy specialist with over 12 years of combined knowledge. Our team is dedicated consultants that provide honest advice without compromise. With a very informative and thorough consultation process, we can give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make the right decision with your investment.

We have a wide range of both grid connect Solar / Storage and off grid products available within our services, and to top it off we are your local RedEarth Authorised Partner should you be looking for an Australian manufactured battery storage solution!

If you have been thinking of reducing your carbon footprint while gaining energy independence and financial freedom from climbing energy bills then now might be the best time to catch up with your local Renewable Energy Specialist

54 Crescent Road, Gympie QLD 4570
Phone: 1300 232 322

Website Link   |   Facebook Link

crystal Jewellery including pendants

Key Energy

We develop, operate and optimise mechanical battery storage projects in Australia.

We add value to renewable energy generation projects by providing an energy storage solution that is more economic, more durable and more reliable.

We provide end to end project oversight and management of the energy storage solution, and add value to your energy storage project by combining it with our proprietary trading algorithm, built using the latest state of the art artificial intelligence machine learning predictive analytics to generate an automated prescriptive trading system.

Phone: 0458 125 599

Email: info@key.energy


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Smart Grid

Smartgrid is a renewable energy design, installation and manufacturing company.

Customers can choose between ‘off the shelf’ systems which are built and pre-commissioned and can be installed easily in a single day, or project specific bespoke design, catering to the customer’s existing needs and future plans.

Major retailers and off-grid supply companies also use Smartgrid as their preferred installer due to the high quality of workmanship and customer experience we offer.

Phone: 0477 036 586

Identifying Frogs

Mobile Power Solutions

Eco-friendly portable lithium solar power stations

Our portable power stations and solar systems are already running tiny homes and supplying genuine off grid power for people living in off grid situations.

Ph: 0435 754 254


Holistic Farming


Self-published camp oven cookbooks and outdoor recycled poly mats. Quality camping and outdoor products which are lightweight, compact or foldable.

Our hero product is our stainless steel Quokka folding fire pit which has been featured on various TV shows including Going off Grid with Michael and Kim. We also like the fact that most of our products have various uses.

Phone: 0427 929 918
Email: admin@ozwit.com.au


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Blade Electric Bikes


At Blade our mission is simple, to provide sustainable energy options for each of our customers and make a positive impact on the environment. Investing in sustainable energy products not only helps the environment but also makes good business sense. Additionally, sustainable energy can also attract eco-conscious customers, who are willing to pay for products and services that align with their values.

Phone: 0421 880 862


Off Grid Lifestyle Solutions

Off Grid Lifestyle Solutions

Off Grid Lifestyle Solutions can provide a tailored solution to meet your specific needs, requirements and more importantly your budget. From a DIY System to completed installation by one of our licensed installers, you can be assured we have a solution for you.

We can provide complete turn key solutions.
Log Cabins – DIY or Turn Key
Solar Power Solutions
Water Solutions
Composting Toilets
Grey water management solutions

Residential – Commercial – RV/Caravan – Marine – Military – Telco


Composting Worm Farms

Composta Australia

Composta Australia worm farms

The “Composta” is a Garden AND Wormfarm in one using everyday kitchen scraps and the magic of Composting Worms to produce a rich organic fertilizer that feeds the plants growing within the pot itself.

The perfect solution for space constrained green thumbs and an amazing addition to any garden. Proudly Australian made, Composta helps you and the planet live well.


crystal Jewellery including pendants

BBB Products

The standard Squeeze enviro friendly way to store your alcohol
The original Shock loc 100% all Australian easy tie down strapping system
Compact, lightweight, camp cookware

Phone: 0413 697 737

Email: info@bbbproducts.com.au


natural skincare Noosa

Easy Microgreens

We are passionate about Microgreens as the future for highly nutrient, delicious and low cost food source for the community. Sufficient greens for a family can be easily grown in small spaces and you can have your first salads within 7-10 days.

Microgreens are the seedlings for vegetables and herbs, they have more intense flavour than mature vegetables. This is due to the seedling bringing all the nutrients needed to boost growth into the stem and leaves.

It is also can be a source of income as cafes, restaurants and home chefs are using them as both plate decoration, but increasingly as salads and plates.

Easy Microgreens helps you get started on a delicious, nutritious journey – promoting family health and stronger immune systems – we supply starter kits, trays, huge variety of traditional seeds, advice and everything else you need to start and expand your microgreen crops. We are also available to support you on your journey.


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Creative Cultures

 Inspirational Nourishment for the Body, Mind and Soul

Creative Cultures provides education and products that help support people to become healthier, vibrant, and more alive – to assist them to see their innate wisdom and beauty, all through working on their microbiome.

We provide foods that assist with the assimilation of nutrients, and that help detoxify the body.

Phone: 0424 978 390

Email: tim@creativecultures.com.au


CBD Oil Australian Made

Cornerstone Hemp

Manage your health naturally

Imagine a plant with the potential to not only change your world – but the whole world – for the better.

Civilizations’ throughout history have been using hemp products for a variety of reasons. In the last few decades, there has been renewed interest in its health benefits and uses. Numerous studies have examined the benefits of hemp and the all-natural hemp oil for the skin, body and mind.

Here at Cornerstone Hemp, we are on a journey to discover as many different uses for this wonderful, natural plant.



Native Tree Nursery

Corella Native Nursery

Native plant nursery
Native tubestock for revegetation
Bush regeneration
Vegetation surveys/property reports
Weed Control Services

We help people to restore natural areas of their property, by supplying and planting native trees, controlling weed species, increasing biodiversity.

PH: 0450 399 425
Email: corellanativenursery@gmail.com


Holistic Farming

Holistic Farming

Our mission is to help and empower everyone from farmers to private residents through to commercial sites like restaurants, schools, businesses and alternative practitioners from all over the world to clear detrimental energy allowing beneficial energy to flow in their environment and surroundings.

We specialize in water dowsing to find the best spots to drill for water and moving underground water streams.


crystal Jewellery including pendants


Wind Turbines

Stella is Australia’s first port of call for premium marine equipment. We import, distribute, design, create, install, build, and repair products for marine applications. We do everything we can to ensure that our clients are receiving the best equipment available.

In one streamlined operation boat owners, builders and industry trades receive world-class components, unparalleled technical knowledge, and on-the-spot solutions from our skilled staff.

Phone: 0408 785 605

Email: info@stellamarine.com.au


Koala Habitat Restoration and Rescue Gympie


Koala Action Gympie Region Inc


A group of environmentally aware citizens striving to regenerate bushland to provide habitat, food and protection for our lovely local koalas through our tree planting activities. It’s not just the koalas who benefit.

Innumerable birds, insects and other wildlife gradually move into these reforested sites increasing biodiversity and assisting with regeneration through seed dispersal and creating a more balanced environment. Trees assist with soil erosion and cleaner air so we humans benefit too.

Our members enjoy working with nature, interacting with and educating the community about our koala populations and promoting a more sustainable future for the Gympie district and our koalas.

Phone:  0428 865 172


Identifying Frogs

QLD Frog Society

Fostering an awareness of frogs and working to help conserve our frogs and their native habitat.

Our aims are to encourage and foster an interest in frogs, to provide expert assistance and education for newcomers and undertake a continuous survey of the local native species to determine their relative abundance and distribution.


Identifying Frogs

Burnett Catchment Care Association

The Burnett Catchment Care Association (BCCA), formed in 1994, is a member-based, not-for-profit organisation, employing professional staff to develop and implement natural resource management projects across the Burnett Catchment.

We work directly with landholders to support sustainable land management practices and facilitate knowledge and capacity building. We partner with associated, like-minded organisations such as Landcare where much of our funding is derived from State and Federal Government funding programs.

Ph: 07 4166 3898


Permaculture Group Gympie

Gympie Permaculture

Gympie Permaculture is a local group of like minded gardeners from Gympie and surrounding areas. We meet monthly at different locations, peoples properties etc. AT the meeting we swap plant cuttings and seedlings, along with any fruit and veg we have in excess. The meeting concludes with a social cuppa and a bite to eat.
Everyone brings a plate to share and pays $2 to go into the door prize.
We sometimes have guest speakers that talk and do workshops about permaculture. We also do visits to people homes that are already well on the way to achieving their permaculture goals.


Local Beekeeping Club

Barambah Beekeepers Association Inc.

Our Club comprises of amateur beekeepers to commercial apiarists and exists to foster beekeeping in the South Burnett region and to support and learn from each other.
We promote awareness in the local community of the importance of bees and the threats to bee populations.
We also play our part in stopping the decline in bee populations through the provision of suitable nesting habitats – both natural and managed; protection of bees from pests, disease, environmental and other threats within the Biosecurity requirements and wherever possible, rehoming of bee swarms to suitable habitats.

PH: 0407 982 943


Beekeeping Supplies

Burnett Beekeeping Supplies

As specialists in our field, we supply apiarists across Australia with high standard beekeeping equipment to keep bees happy and loving their bee hives. Our products are now in demand as our reputation for quality is gaining momentum.  Located just outside of Kingaroy in the heart of the beautiful South Burnett, we manufacture a range of products including:

Quality Hoop Pine Boxes | Frames | Clearer Boards
Lid Rim | Risers | Foundation

PH: 0427 946 614 or 0429 130 167


Westinghouse Outdoor Generator

Fraser Coast Microbats

Approximately 70% of bats are micro-bats.

Micro-bats are characterised by their small size, use of echolocation for navigation, ability to hibernate in cold temperatures and their diets largely consists of insects but can include small mammals, frogs, fish and occasionally fruit, pollen and nectar.

Most Australian micro-bats will roost in tree hollows or under bark, or they can be found in caves and cave-like structures.


tiny homes, eco homes Australian Made

Amrita Park Meadery

Continuing A Long Family Tradition Of Quality Boutique Mead Making, Andy and Nicola produce Queenslands most awarded Mead in the Noosa Hinterland Following Slow Food Ethics of “Good, Clean, Fair and Sustainable Food”

Using only Local Raw Honey and In Season Fruits Amrita Park Meadery is setting the standard for others to follow.

Mead (also Known as Honey Wine) is an alcoholic beverage made using honey as the fermentable sugar source. Mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage predating beer, wine and ciders. Mead can be Still, Sparkling, Sweet, Dry, High ABV or Low ABV.

Phone: 07 5485 1219


Holistic Farming

Joy Handmade

Handmade soaps and bath products including bath bombs and Castile soap. Handmade body products include lip balms, beard balms, natural deodorant, body butters, and massage candles. Top quality essential oils.

Our soap and body products are made from natural ingredients and scented with essential oils. They are suitable for sensitive skin, and also safe for septic tank systems. We use locally sourced Australian ingredients where possible.

Soapmaking demonstrations will be held
at the stall throughout the weekend.

PHONE: 0416 977 401
Email: joyhandmade.aus@gmail.com


Handmade jewellery with healing energies

Inspired by Moana

‘Inspired by Moana’🌺 Handcrafted Macrame Crystal Jewellery gives you the opportunity to heal your energies the holistic way.

One of the many ways Mother Earth intended Crystals have a variety of healing properties for your energies, emotions, alignments, spiritual, health etc. You can choose what you resonate with or Moana can help you by channelling through your energies to see what best suits your needs.

All ‘Inspired by Moana’🌺 creations are handcrafted by Moana herself setting intentions of Love, Healing & Protection into every piece. Love & Light 🙏🏽

Moana Clark: 0421 204 364


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Nature Nurture Gallery

Inspired by nature and the grounding healing properties of gemstones, seaglass, organics.  Creating unique one of a kind pieces.

Originally from the NW Coast of Tasmania I started to collect seaglass from the beach. My passion then evolved into wire weaving electroforming and gemstones. Inspired by nature I like to bring the beauty out of everything. 

Phone: 0488 524 636
Email: naturenuturegallery@gmail.com


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Earth Girl Seven

Crystal Jewellery including pendants, bracelets & earrings & all other things crystals.

Earth Girl Seven is a locally owned small business handcrafting wire wrapped crystals. Enhance the natural beauty within with crystals from all over the world & let them guide you in all areas of healing. Pendants, earrings and bracelets are our speciality with tumbles, spheres, towers and more.

Phone: 0498 389 756


Identifying Frogs

Maria's Creations

Maria has been creating with leadlight glass for about 30 years and just loves doing custom orders for clients.

An example of her work is proudly displayed in the new building at the Gympie Mining Museum. A stunning panel measuring nearly 11m.

She also does restoration work on such things as lampshades, glass panels and leadlight pieces.

Based in Curra QLD
Ph: 0418 229 488


natural skincare Noosa

Nubeean Noosa

100% natural skincare, handmade in the Noosa Hinterland. Nutritionist/Naturopath formulated to re-wild your skin’s microbiome and support its protective barrier. Antioxidant skincare for Australian skin.

We are not just another natural skincare brand. We craft unique products that feel luxurious while also being ethical & sustainable. Sarah Luck has over 20 years experience as a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist in Australia.


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Legacy Equine & Canine Bowen Therapy

International School of Bowen Therapy trained practitioner in canine, equine and human Bowen Therapy.

Qualified Austrailan Bush Flower Essences Practitioner.

Phone: 0437 885 045

CBD Oil Australian Made

Snowy Mountains Eucalyptus Oil

High on Ngarigo Country in The Australian Alps, Snowy Mountains Eucalyptus Oil gather and distill small batches of fragrant, narrow-leaved peppermint eucalyptus leaves, lavender flowers and seasonal botanicals to create pure essential oils and hydrosols.

The environment is important to them, and sustainable methods are used to selectively hand harvest eucalyptus leaves from windfall and naturally occurring trees. They also follow a natural approach by using pure mountain rainwater and hydro distillation, being one of the oldest known methods of extracting oils from plant material.

Karen and Owen have been living and working off grid for many years. They know the source of their organic products and guarantee authentic provenance.

Phone: 0421 369 375  |  Email: contact@smso.com.au


Westinghouse Outdoor Generator

Conscious Giving Hub

Empowering choice for a happier and healthier life.

We offer education & health Awareness. Choosing prevention is a better option and we are here to help.

Anti-inflammatory, natural insect repellant, boost your immunity, balancing the body for greater health. Activating your own stem cells.

TurmeriX, the Original Blend, Stem Cell Activating Nutrition, Marine Collagen, TranZinc, High quality CBD oil, Colloidal Silver, Blood Dragan, Iodine, Methylene Blue, Pure Borax, CDS, MSM, Belly Bugs, Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals, Stiff, Sore & Sorry pain relief, All Natural & Organic Insect Repellent & Relief in One, Potassium BiCarb

Phone: 0432 712 784  |  Email:  consciousgivinghub@gmail.com


Holistic Farming


Thermomix, smallest smartest kitchen in the world, replacing over 20 appliances. The thermomix allows people to get back to basics and start doing things from scratch just like grandma used to but without spending days in the kitchen.

The thermomix can be used on a generator or inverter and allows people to reduce their footprint by using less single use packaging, reducing food waste by re purposing, even down to making clothes washing powder using soap scraps.

PHONE: 0433 167 203

Wellness Essential Oils

Move to Wellness

Heath & Wellness  |  Movement & Chronic Conditions
Low Tox Living using natural plant based ingredients and Young Living Essential Oils

Your home environment should be a safe and healthy haven where you and your family can thrive. However, your living spaces could be filled with potentially harmful chemicals that may inhabit many nooks and crannies. Whether you’re worried about little ones, pets, or yourself, with Young Living, you never have to compromise on pure ingredients for a deep clean.

Thanks to our natural, plant-derived products, you can keep your home fresh and clean without any harsh chemicals.

Phone: 0438 760 317

Email: margaret@moveit4life.com.au

Native Tree Nursery

Body & Soul Whispers

Energy & Vibrational Healing in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast

Reiki | Pellowah | Essential Oils | Crystal Chakra Healing
Access Consciousness Bars | Australian Bush Flower Essences

I absolutely love what I do, I’m passionate about empowering my clients in a safe and supportive environment, to help them realise, that they hold the answers to truly heal themselves and live a happy and healthy life.

It continually brings me joy to watch clients step into their own knowing, so they can make the changes necessary, be it big or small, to transform their lives, to finally have a deeper connection to themselves and others.

There is nothing greater than realising that you have the answers, I just help you lift the layers, so you can hear those answers for yourself.

Phone Sandy 0409 339 499


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Emperors Medicine

Dr. David Moore (Acupuncturist) is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner based in Montville, Sunshine Coast and an expert in Medical Pulse Diagnosis, a very effective tool to identify, understand and treat internal medicine disharmonies and a style of acupuncture for relieving persistent pain (DNA).

The perspective of Chinese Medicine is very different from many other therapeutic interventions which seek to mitigate symptoms & avoid the progression of the disease. Health ailments can be identified from the radial pulse without the need to ask questions of the patients and David offers a free pulse diagnosis assessment to demonstrate this. David also provides free acupressure for instant pain relief. Come and visit to discuss how Chinese Medicine can support your health needs to transform your health situation.

Phone: 0481 966 496


Off Grid Architects

Newstyle Direct

The professional nibbler is an Australian made tool.  lt cuts old, corrugated iron, mild steel even stainless steel without sparks or jagged edges.
works on a battery drill too.
Cloud 9 hanging chairs. These outdoor hanging chairs are great to kick back put your feet up and relax. Reading a book or enjoying a drink the Cloud 9 hanging chair is sure to please and best of all its easy to get in and out of.

Phone: 0412 322 061


4WD, Camping and Caravan off-grid options

Evolution Solar Kingaroy

Evolution Solar Kingaroy is a locally owned and operated solar solutions company. We bring solar to you, designing a system that perfectly fits your requirements and regular usage.

It’s our sincere belief that solar energy and holistic, eco-friendly systems are the way of the future. We want to future-proof your home and business, taking one step at a time to reduce your carbon footprint and fully optimise the resources you have.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We want to look after your needs by accommodating your budget, energy usage and clean energy preferences. There’s an affordable, reliable option for everyone if you know where to look.

Affordable doesn’t mean low quality. Our team only works with products that we feel comfortable recommending. Even after we’ve designed and installed your system, we’ll still be in touch to check on the results. We support our customers to ensure you’re getting the most benefit out of your system.

PH: 07 4162 2759

tiny homes, eco homes Australian Made

Big Van Little Gypsies

Our products help with a healthy lifestyle required to live and our Beeswax is a multi use product from looking after your timbers, leathers, vinyl, rubbers for windows and door seals.

Phone: 0409 640 279


Off Grid Architects


By using what nature gives us to take care of our health.

Phone: 0413 815 575

Identifying Frogs

ENJO Consultant - Mary Wilkinson

I passionate about helping people find a quick, easy & healthy way to clean their homes.

Water and ENJOtex fibres is all that is required to clean the home environment.
After the ENJOtex fibre have finished their cleaning life they are sent on to be upcycled or recycled by the company – ENJO is a cradle to Cradle Company.


Off Grid Architects

Eco Kleen Solar Noosa

We are your local after-market solar care professionals, we provide quality solar panel cleaning services throughout the region. We also offer visual inspections, state-of-the-art thermal imaging and bird and pest proofing of your solar panels. They work to make you more from your solar.

Environmental factors such as dirt, dust, grime, bird droppings, lichen and salt air will decrease the capacity of your solar panels to work at their full potential, leading to an increase in your power bills and thereby cancelling the benefit of your investment.

Phone: 0481 263 599


Composting Worm Farms


Permaculture Courses, Education and Training in
Regenerative and Sustainable Practices.
Residential Course
Self Paced Online Course
Training and Volunteering
Community Events


Identifying Frogs

Soul Rider Art

Hand Burnt Hats
Resin Decor
Serving Boards and Lazy Susan
Side Tables
Coasters and Canisters
Hand Made Earrings

Ph: 0402 997 885


Identifying Frogs

Gypsy Ga Ga

Hippy/Bohemian clothing for men, women and children


24 Boonoara Street, Goomeri
Ph: 0428 271 921


Handmade jewellery with healing energies

Gympie Regional Council

Provides information and resources in regards to sustainability. Provides advice and information assisting landholders to build self sustainability.

Tenille: 0409 024 508
email: samantha.coyle@gympie.qld.gov.au


Off Grid Architects


Unique, awe-inspiring and spiritual enhancement.
Crystals are an amazing source of healing and power, catering to your every need; they are unique to themselves whether it be its healing properties or the physical appearance.

Crystals are the snowflakes of the spiritual world, no crystal is ever the same.

Phone: 0402 822 464


Holistic Farming

Adventure Concepts

People from all walks of life travel around our great country. From weekend warriors, 4×4 drivers, caravans, motor homes and even boats, they all have one thing in common. A longing for freedom, adventure and the desire to explore.

Adventure concepts has quickly established themselves in the 4×4 and camping market. Bringing smart and reliable products from leading brands from around the world and Australia. Brands such as Enerdrive, Front Runner, Bushman Fridges, Saber Recovery Gear, Stanley Cook/Drinkware and Dometic Outdoors, and the latest addition of EcoFlow Portable Power Stations.



The Businesses below are unable to attend this year but have been generous enough to sponsor our event.

Off Grid Architects

Habitance Architects

Off-Grid and On Point

Whether you are designing and building new, renovating existing houses or using recycled materials to create your home, there are many options for people and communities to live Off the Grid.

Habitance Architects are Sponsors of our Speakers Pavilion
They are unable to attend this year but looking forward to being with us once again in 2024


crystal Jewellery including pendants

A Splash of Mudd

Creating one-of-a-kind designs to enhance your home and office, that will bring you colourful joy everyday.

Nicky (aka Muddy) is a local artist working from her studio at home on 15 beautiful acres in Veteran. She offers acrylic pour classes in various techniques that are suitable for just about everyone, young or old, male or female, you are guaranteed to pour yourself a wonderful piece of art that will last you a lifetime. No artistic background is necessary and everything you need to create your masterpiece is provided, all you need to bring along is a smile and good sense of humor. A fabulous way to relax and meet new people.

Phone: 0411 854 918



crystal Jewellery including pendants

Shady Threads

We are a small locally owned family business based in Veteran Gympie who specialize working with canvas, vinyl and shade products. Over the past 5 years we have fabricated many different forms of shades, covers, and bags to help our customers stay protected from the elements of mother nature, and the majority of our work revolves around boats, caravans, camper trailers, utes and trailers, but we also work with domestic and business requirements such as shade sails, outdoor blinds and cushions, you name it, we probably do it!

We use the highest quality fabrics and materials to ensure longevity of your products, so whether you need something custom made or a repair to an existing product, come and chat to us we’d love to help you out.

22 MacPherson Road, Gympie 4570
Phone: 0411 854 918


Event Organisers:
Dee White: dee@offgridexpo.com.au – 0434 630 510  |  Di Woodstock: di@offgridexpo.com.au – 0419 224 628

Event Organisers

Dee White
0434 630 510

Di Woodstock
0419 224 628