Exhibitors & Artisans

We have the pleasure of showcasing a variety of exhibitors and small businesses who attend our Expo. They bring passion and information to help us reduce our impact on the world and move towards an off grid lifestyle.

Not only do we promote the physical items for Off Grid Living such as solar and composting toilets, plants and alternative housing – but we also support those brave people who have created their own income from doing what they love. That is the LIFESTYLE in our Expo name! They will bring their craft, creations skills and knowledge to share with you. From Tiny Cabins to Crystals, from Native plants to Micro herbs – there will be something for everyone at our 2024 event.

Do you have something you would love to share with our visitors? If so – book in now! You won’t regret it!

If you would like to come join us, please complete the application form to confirm your space.

Bookings are coming through already for 2024 and will pop up on this page as they are confirmed so watch this page.

We add posts to our blog page regularly and will often showcase one of our Exhibitor’s projects.

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tiny homes, eco homes Australian Made

Rain Again Tanks

Rain Again Tanks are not just another water tank company.
We provide complete water storage solutions at affordable prices, for every situation. Whether you need a slimline rainwater tank for an urban block, or large round 5000 Gallon rainwater tank for a rural property in Queensland, our tanks are designed, engineered, and built to last and is Australia’s choice for all water tank requirements.

100% Queensland Family Owned and Operated
Heavy Metal Free
Written Weight Guarantee
20yr Full Warranty NOT PRO-RATA
No up-front deposits for standard orders


Off Grid Housing Solutions

Aircrete Domes Australia

Offering a building process for offgrid housing options.
Dome Structures made from Aircrete.

We provide training and skill-sharing via our workshops as well as running other community events as not-for-profit supporting sustainability, food production and affordable housing. We are linking with other like-minded communities to provide solutions in dealing with many of the challenging issues both economically and personally in these fast changing times.

We will be doing live demonstrations at the stand throughout the day.


tiny homes, eco homes Australian Made

Atlas Frames

Atlas Frame is a family-owned company that specializes in pre-fabricated steel frames and trusses. An affordable solution for many looking to build an extra room in the house, a shed, an airbnb or a tiny house.

Redefining durability and customization, these precision-crafted prefab steel frames are the ultimate solution for projects ranging from portable buildings to tiny homes.

You can now own this amazing solution at only a quarter of the price compared to a full turnkey tiny home build. It’s perfect for individuals who want to add their unique flair to their tiny home while being fully compliant with the highest standards in Australia.


Permaculture Group Gympie

Compact Campfires

Compact Campfires is a range of products designed and manufactured by a family owned business, located at Mothar Mountain (Gympie), Queensland.

Compact Campfires firepits are just that, the most compact and easily transported outdoor firepit/camp cooker available. A must have item of camping and outdoor gear. We manufacture all our products using quality materials and proudly supporting Australian Suppliers.

We believe customer satisfaction is a high priority, so we aim to fulfill our customers’ requirements. If you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you.


tiny homes, eco homes Australian Made

Ceramix Protection

Solar Panel Cleaning – Window Tinting
Graphine Coating – Energy Efficiency Education

We are dedicated to empowering individuals, businesses, and institutions with the knowledge and solutions they need to make environmentally conscious choices while safeguarding their valuable surfaces.

Our commitment to innovation drives us to constantly push the boundaries of technology, seeking new ways to enhance energy efficiency and surface longevity. Through comprehensive education, eco-friendly practices, and tailored solutions, we aim to create a lasting impact on energy conservation and surface protection.


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Smart Off Grid Solutions

Smartgrid is a renewable energy design, installation and manufacturing company. Helping you get Off Grid, on the grid using solar or a Hybrid system, whatever you need to get reilable power to your home or property.

Customers can choose between ‘off the shelf’ systems which are built and pre-commissioned and can be installed easily in a single day, or project specific bespoke design, catering to the customer’s existing needs and future plans.

Major retailers and off-grid supply companies also use Smartgrid as their preferred installer due to the high quality of workmanship and customer experience we offer.


Composting Toilets and waste water managementt

Ecoflo Wastewater Management

Ecoflo Wastewater Management is the leading manufacturer and retailer of waterless composting toilets and greywater systems in Australia.

Our toilets don’t need water or chemicals to treat or transport our waste, so they can help save water whilst avoiding any negative impact on the local environment.

Based in Brisbane, they provide solutions that are environmentally smart and cost-effective for domestic, commercial, off-grid, camping and accommodation-based purposes.


Composting Worm Farms

Composta Australia

Composta Australia worm farms

The “Composta” is a Garden AND Wormfarm in one using everyday kitchen scraps and the magic of Composting Worms to produce a rich organic fertilizer that feeds the plants growing within the pot itself.

The perfect solution for space constrained green thumbs and an amazing addition to any garden. Proudly Australian made, Composta helps you and the planet live well.


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Mobile Power Solutions

Australian family owned business with over 17 years in the lithium & off-grid solar power industry. We provide before, during and after sales advice, customer service and technical support. We take pride in thinking outside the square and working with customers to build a system for their specific power requirements.

The ESCAPE range of portable and stand alone lithium power stations are a cost effective, user friendly solution to powering a multitude of applications. We live in our fully off-grid home we built ourselves, using our products 24/7.


CBD Oil Australian Made

Cornerstone Hemp

We stock only tried and tested products that we personally use and recommend. We want to put you back in charge of your health choices. CBD Oil and Gummies can assist with a variety of issues. Chronic pain and Inflammation, Anxiety, Sleep, Auto Immune and many more.

Slenderiiz drops and Elite drink are a natural supplement for weightloss and general hormonal balancing. We also have a range of supplements as a basis for good health.

Our Mushroom range is a great addition to add to our everyday routine for Brain Health, Gut Health, Sleep and Stress as well as dealing with toxic cells in our bodies. We have Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Reishi, Chaga and Cordyceps.

Our CM2 band recharges our bodies to assist with pain and inflammation, oxygen flow, better absorption of nutrients and supplements.


Wellness Essential Oils

Polkadot Community

Tiny House Villages • Sustainable Community Living

Polkadot advocates for sustainable community living, seeing Tiny Housing as being a great step forward for mobility, flexibility, aging in place, rural farm worker cottages, emergency accommodation, and which may lead to greater housing affordability, sustainability, helping create the environment for minimalistic living and sharing, which may improve public health and well-being, as well as restoring village or tribe, leading to a more meaningful way to live.


natural skincare Noosa

Nubeean Noosa

100% natural skincare, handmade in the Noosa Hinterland. Nutritionist/Naturopath formulated to re-wild your skin’s microbiome and support its protective barrier. Antioxidant skincare for Australian skin.

We are not just another natural skincare brand. We craft unique products that feel luxurious while also being ethical & sustainable. Sarah Luck has over 20 years experience as a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist in Australia.


Composting Toilets Gympie

EnviroPro Alternatives

EnviroPro distributes the Nature’s Head™ & OGO™ waterless composting toilets. These toilets are known worldwide for their odour free, waterless, effective treatment of waste.
The OGO™ in particular, with its good looks and small footprint is extremely simple to use.
In addition, EnviroPro manufacture and distribute a range of Environmentally safe products for waste treatments for Septic Tanks, Drains and Portable Toilets.


tiny homes, eco homes Australian Made

LJM Tiny Homes

We’ve been building beautiful, bespoke and functional Tiny Homes in Australia since 2017.

We’ve built over 250 Custom Tiny Homes, shipping them Australia wide, from our factory on the Sunshine Coast to every state in Australia. We offer a personalised experience and aim to make the Tiny House journey as exciting, engaging and educational as possible.

We have earned a reputation for going above and beyond for our clients, and look forward to meeting you soon.


Holistic Farming


Thermomix, smallest smartest kitchen in the world, replacing over 20 appliances. The thermomix allows people to get back to basics and start doing things from scratch just like grandma used to but without spending days in the kitchen.

The thermomix can be used on a generator or inverter and allows people to reduce their footprint by using less single use packaging, reducing food waste by re purposing, even down to making clothes washing powder using soap scraps.

PHONE: 0433 167 203

Wellness Essential Oils

Move to Wellness

Heath & Wellness  |  Movement & Chronic Conditions
Low Tox Living using natural plant based ingredients and Young Living Essential Oils

Your home environment should be a safe and healthy haven where you and your family can thrive. However, your living spaces could be filled with potentially harmful chemicals that may inhabit many nooks and crannies. Whether you’re worried about little ones, pets, or yourself, with Young Living, you never have to compromise on pure ingredients for a deep clean.

Thanks to our natural, plant-derived products, you can keep your home fresh and clean without any harsh chemicals.


Native Tree Nursery

Body & Soul Whispers

Reiki | Pellowah | Essential Oils | Crystal Chakra Healing
Access Consciousness Bars | Australian Bush Flower Essences

I absolutely love what I do, I’m passionate about empowering my clients in a safe and supportive environment, to help them realise, that they hold the answers to truly heal themselves and live a happy and healthy life.

It continually brings me joy to watch clients step into their own knowing, so they can make the changes necessary, be it big or small, to transform their lives, to finally have a deeper connection to themselves and others.

There is nothing greater than realising that you have the answers, I just help you lift the layers, so you can hear those answers for yourself.


Westinghouse Outdoor Generator

Conscious Giving Hub

Empowering choice for a happier and healthier life.

We offer education & health Awareness. Choosing prevention is a better option and we are here to help.

Anti-inflammatory, natural insect repellant, boost your immunity, balancing the body for greater health. Activating your own stem cells.

TurmeriX, the Original Blend, Stem Cell Activating Nutrition, Marine Collagen, TranZinc, High quality CBD oil, Colloidal Silver, Blood Dragan, Iodine, Methylene Blue, Pure Borax, CDS, MSM, Belly Bugs, Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals, Stiff, Sore & Sorry pain relief, All Natural & Organic Insect Repellent & Relief in One, Potassium BiCarb


Handmade jewellery with healing energies

Inspired by Moana

‘Inspired by Moana’? Handcrafted Macrame Crystal Jewellery gives you the opportunity to heal your energies the holistic way.

One of the many ways Mother Earth intended Crystals have a variety of healing properties for your energies, emotions, alignments, spiritual, health etc. You can choose what you resonate with or Moana can help you by channelling through your energies to see what best suits your needs.


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Herbal Valley Apothecary

Traditionally handmade Organic herbal products
Remedies for pain relief, bites & stings, anxiety & stress, natural deodorants, Beard balm & oil a little something for everyone.


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Earth Girl Seven

Crystal Jewellery including pendants, bracelets & earrings & all other things crystals.

Earth Girl Seven is a locally owned small business handcrafting wire wrapped crystals. Enhance the natural beauty within with crystals from all over the world & let them guide you in all areas of healing. Pendants, earrings and bracelets are our speciality with tumbles, spheres, towers and more.


tiny homes, eco homes Australian Made

Amrita Park Meadery

Continuing A Long Family Tradition Of Quality Boutique Mead Making, Andy and Nicola produce Queenslands most awarded Mead in the Noosa Hinterland Following Slow Food Ethics of “Good, Clean, Fair and Sustainable Food”

Using only Local Raw Honey and In Season Fruits Amrita Park Meadery is setting the standard for others to follow.

Mead (also Known as Honey Wine) is an alcoholic beverage made using honey as the fermentable sugar source. Mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage predating beer, wine and ciders. Mead can be Still, Sparkling, Sweet, Dry, High ABV or Low ABV.


Native Tree Nursery

Corella Native Nursery

Native plant nursery
Native tubestock for revegetation
Bush regeneration
Vegetation surveys/property reports
Weed Control Services

We help people to restore natural areas of their property, by supplying and planting native trees, controlling weed species, increasing biodiversity.


Westinghouse Outdoor Generator

Fraser Coast Microbats

Approximately 70% of bats are micro-bats.

Micro-bats are characterised by their small size, use of echolocation for navigation, ability to hibernate in cold temperatures and their diets largely consists of insects but can include small mammals, frogs, fish and occasionally fruit, pollen and nectar.

Most Australian micro-bats will roost in tree hollows or under bark, or they can be found in caves and cave-like structures.


tiny homes, eco homes Australian Made

Universal Energy Clearing

Water divining has been used for centuries to find and locate underground water streams, bores and pipes.

This technique helps us to work out if there are any potential drill sites, as well as the flow rate, quality and drill depth of the water.

Our environment has a huge effect on your health, prosperity and well-being. The good news is that these energies can be changed into beneficial ones where we use dowsing tools to find them and then change, clear and trasmute these.


Portable Sawmill Gympie

Lucas Mill

Lucas Mill Pty Ltd is celebrating its 30th anniversary. A family owned & operated Australian business specialising in manufacturing 5 different circular swing-blade machines, ranging from 6 inch model up to the versatile 10 inch model & dedicated slabbing mills.

We are pleased to announce that we have reached the milestone of manufacturing & selling over 23,000 Lucas Mill portable sawmills into more than 100 different countries worldwide. See our live demonstrations on site during the event.


Identifying Frogs

The Maker's Corner

Fabric | Fibre | Creative Workshops

The Maker’s Corner isn’t just a fabric shop. It’s home to the slow making movement and zero waste efforts of our creative community. Our off-grid shop and workshops offer a destination experience for creative tourism, while promoting intentional living and sustainable craft.

We’re dedicated to ethical business practices and circular economy, so all our beautiful quilting cottons and dressmaking fabrics have been sourced from surplus that would otherwise be destroyed or end up in landfill. We also have a growing range of handmade products and gifts from local artisans who share our passion for the ancient crafts.


Koala Habitat Restoration and Rescue Gympie



A group of environmentally aware citizens striving to regenerate bushland to provide habitat, food and protection for our lovely local koalas through our tree planting activities. It’s not just the koalas who benefit.

Innumerable birds, insects and other wildlife gradually move into these reforested sites increasing biodiversity and assisting with regeneration through seed dispersal and creating a more balanced environment. Trees assist with soil erosion and cleaner air so we humans benefit too.

Our members enjoy working with nature, interacting with and educating the community about our koala populations and promoting a more sustainable future for the Gympie district and our koalas.


Identifying Frogs

QLD Frog Society

Fostering an awareness of frogs and working to help conserve our frogs and their native habitat.

Our aims are to encourage and foster an interest in frogs, to provide expert assistance and education for newcomers and undertake a continuous survey of the local native species to determine their relative abundance and distribution.


Handmade jewellery with healing energies

Soul Envy Crystal Creations

Intentionally selected Crystals, handmade floral arrangements, mystical items and macrame hangers.

Small business based in Hervey Bay
Offering a wide variety of Crystals and Crystal items. All stock is intentionally selected and of a high standard. I pick crystals and minerals by their feel and energy, each one is completely unique.


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Certified Energy Solutions

At Certified Energy Solutions we only employ knowledgeable Consultants and heavily focus on educating our customers without the usual sales push.

Our designs will always take into consideration performance and aesthetics to ensure your new investment not only performs but looks great.

We take pride in providing our customers with a complete solution while making the journey to energy independence fun and stress free.


off grid waste water management systems

Childers Batteries & Off Grid Living Centre

As a Queensland agent for Cinderella Incineration toilets this will be your opportunity to see these amazing toilets in the flesh and ask us any questions. This amazing toilet simply cremates your toilet waste and requires no septic system or water…saving you thousands on waste treatment.

Childers Batteries & Off Grid Living Centre will also have a range of power produsts and solutions on display to power your off grid dreams.

Come and say hi, we will have some great deals and giveaways at the show.


Permaculture Group Gympie

Gympie Permaculture

Gympie Permaculture is a local group of like minded gardeners from Gympie and surrounding areas. We meet monthly at different locations, peoples properties etc. AT the meeting we swap plant cuttings and seedlings, along with any fruit and veg we have in excess. The meeting concludes with a social cuppa and a bite to eat.
Everyone brings a plate to share and pays $2 to go into the door prize.
We sometimes have guest speakers that talk and do workshops about permaculture. We also do visits to people homes that are already well on the way to achieving their permaculture goals.


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Nature Nurture Gallery

Inspired by nature I like to bring the beauty out of everything.  Using natural fibres to make homewares.  Wire weaving amazing gemstones into jewellery.  I am a self-taught weaver with passion.  I have been weaving for 6 years and forever evolving.  I love the natural earthy colours and properties of copper with gemstones.


Identifying Frogs

ENJO Consultant - Mary Wilkinson

I passionate about helping people find a quick, easy & healthy way to clean their homes. Water and ENJOtex fibres is all that is required to clean the home environment. After the ENJOtex fibre have finished their cleaning life they are sent on to be upcycled or recycled by the company – ENJO is a cradle to Cradle Company.


Identifying Frogs

Soulful Stones

What began as a creative outlet – making jewellery to gift loved ones – has become a passion for bringing to life unique Crystal Jewellery that feels amazing to wear.

Each Soulful Stones piece is handcrafted in my home studio in Burnett Heads (Bundaberg Coast, QLD). High-quality gemstones are used, with some pieces featuring unique Hill Tribe Silver accents.


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Emperors Medicine

Chinese Medicine evolved into a sophisticated medicine driven by the demands of the Emperor. What did the Emperor demand? To be highly vital, healthy & full of energy.

The perspective of this medicine is very different to many other therapeutic interventions which seek to mitigate symptoms & avoid progression of disease.

Meet Dr. David Moore (Acupuncturist) and expert in Medical Pulse Diagnosis. Join him at the festival for a complimentary demonstration of this powerful tool that helps identify and assess the root causes of chronic conditions and acupressure for immediate pain relief.

Driven by a passion for collaborating with patients, he is dedicated to transforming their health situations.


Permaculture Group Gympie

Land Healings

Have you ever wondered what else could be affecting your health, your energy or even your finances?

As an ex-Naturopath I was always looking for that missing link that was keeping people ill, even when they were doing everything else right. Then I discovered geopathic stress and I have been on a 15yr journey to learn as much as I can about the dangers of living over geopathic stress zones, such as underground water, old earthquake fracture lines, negative ley lines and more. Plus the man-made stresses like EMF/EMR.

I switched careers and became a Land Healer, going to people’s properties to find and heal these energies. It can be life-changing for some and the missing link for many. Land Healings can be done remotely, using Google Earth or Maps, or on-site if you are local to me.


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Legacy Equine & Canine Bowen Therapy

Bowen is a gentle non invasive therapy in which we use a series of moves over muscles, ligaments and tendons to stimulate release of the fascia. Fascia is a connective tissue found throughout the body releasing the fascia encourages the body to find it’s balance. The animal can enjoy a Bowen treatment in their own home. 

Benefits of Bowen may include
Increased circulation   |   Increased mobility
Decreased pain   |   A feeling of relaxation

Bowen may be beneficial for
Injury recovery   |   Surgery recovery
Hip dysplasia   |   Elbow Dysplasia 
Cruciate Ligament Issues   |   Arthritis
General stiffness due to age

Australian Bush Flower essences are a simple and effective way to create shifts in our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Phone or Text: 0437 885 045

crystal Jewellery including pendants

Creative Cultures

 Inspirational Nourishment for the Body, Mind and Soul

Creative Cultures provides education and products that help support people to become healthier, vibrant, and more alive – to assist them to see their innate wisdom and beauty, all through working on their microbiome.

We provide foods that assist with the assimilation of nutrients, and that help detoxify the body.


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Smart Sinks

Smart Sinks Tool Washing Station – Australian Made and Owned

Made right here in the Gympie region, it is a Waste Water filtration & Recycling System. Come meet the Inventor and let him show you a tool washing station that is Environmentally Responsible.

Produces clean recycled water using 5 stage filtration down to 1uM, Safe & Easy Disposal of Solids, has 60 litres of water on board and is 100% mobile and all of this will SAVE Water, Time and Money.


crystal Jewellery including pendants

Key Energy

We install off-grid solutions designed to perform in Australian conditions. Our mechanical batteries are fire proof and designed to provide power to homes for 30 years without any degradation in capacity.

Our standard off-grid system has 32kWh flywheel storage and 20kW solar with 3 phase power.


Permaculture Group Gympie

Habitance Energy Positive Architecture

Energy Positive Architecture • Off Grid + Sustainable Homes

The Architecturally designed LiteHouse, is a unique contemporary off grid (or semi-off grid) family home for the environmentally conscious. With three house sizes, the LiteHouse could be a first, family or forever home, a secondary dwelling, or provide community living options.

Constructed from sustainable QLD grown timber, the adaptable house design heats and cools naturally, and is suitable for rural, semi-rural and suburban subdivisions. Using primarily Australian materials (including recycled, eco-friendly and carbon neutral products), it is ‘lite’ on the earth during construction and provides energy positive living.


Permaculture Group Gympie

Conqueror 4x4

Conqueror 4×4 provides off grid, off road hybrid campers for rural and off grid camping/living.

Industry Leaders in Caravan & Camper Trailers, utillising only the highest quality materials and construction techniques and avoiding natural materials which degrade over time. You can be assured that your conqueror is built to last.

Over the past 30 years Conqueror has become the benchmark and industry leaders in Caravan and Camper trailer designs.


Event Organisers:
Dee White: dee@offgridexpo.com.au – 0434 630 510  |  Di Woodstock: di@offgridexpo.com.au – 0419 224 628

Event Organisers

Dee White
0434 630 510

Di Woodstock
0419 224 628