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Australian Made Water Tanks

by | Feb 8, 2024 | Water Capture

Premium Water Tanks and Pumps in Queensland

Rain Again have been designing and making rainwater tanks since 1982. They provide complete water storage solutions at affordable prices for every situation. RV Tanks, Spray Hoods, and Diverters.

They are 100% family-owned and operated, ensuring one-on-one service. They are also manufactured in Queensland, so if you are looking for Australian made tanks that are durable and safe for you family, look no further.

Whether you need a slimline rainwater tank for an urban block in Brisbane or a large round 5000-gallon rainwater tank for your rural property in Queensland, our tanks are designed, engineered, and built to last and are the perfect choice for all your rainwater tank requirements.

  • 100% Queensland Family Owned and Operated (Not owned by overseas investors or corporate investors)
  • Making tanks and other poly products since 1982 (Ward Family)
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Written Weight Guarantee
  • 20 year Full Warranty NOT PRO-RATA
  • No upfront deposits for standard orders
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Rain Again will be at this years Off Grid Expo, drop by and discuss your needs and what makes these such superior water tanks.

What does it mean to be a “family owned and operated business”? Well meet Adrian, the company director. Currently spending his Sunday at home with his 10yr old daughters sketch pad and a pencil drawing some new ideas.

This is how every single rotational moulding oven and tank mould at Rain Again Tanks started. We don’t buy million dollar overseas moulds or ovens, and Adrian doesn’t have a fancy business degree or education and certainly no graphic designing program on a computer. Our moulds and ovens started simply with pencil, paper and over 25 years of experience in the water tank industry.

Once completed, Adrian takes these drawings to work and with his dedicated crew will turn drawings into moulds and ovens. He grew up surrounded by tanks since 1982, and first started working at his mum and dad’s company “Stockman Tanks” in 1993. If you have an old fibreglass Stockman Tanks’ tank, good chance Adrian either helped make it or delivered it.

Years later Adrian and I started Rain Again Tanks, a small family owned and operated company. Although we might have to compete against the big corporate companies every single day, our knowledge is something money can’t buy.

Thank you to all our customers who continue to support us so we can keep our dream alive. Every single day customers either call us or email us to thank us for our product or service and every time it brings a smile to our face to know that all our effort in manufacturing the best possible rainwater tank backed up by incomparable service is appreciated…..

Learn More about our Off Grid Expo HERE   |   Buy your tickets for EXPO Here

Event Organisers:
Dee White: – 0434 630 510
Di Woodstock: – 0419 224 628

Event Organisers

Dee White
0434 630 510

Di Woodstock
0419 224 628