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Eco Convos with Dan

by | May 9, 2022 | Off Grid Living

Eco Convos with Dan is about Self-Sustainability, Regeneration, and Off-Grid Living.  Join me, Dan Vanderhoek as your host, as I chat with Internationally recognised guests and friends discussing their journeys and introduce what they do and why they do it.

My content is for anyone interested in becoming a little more self-sufficient and contribute positively to our little green planet but wondered where to start. It has been built to help people just like you and I learn and progress to an off-grid and self-sufficient lifestyle. I welcome you to join in the conversation and maybe we can all learn a bit from each other.  Together we can make the bread fluffier, the tomatoes taste better, and the compost grow richer.

Whether you have an apartment in the city with a small balcony to start with or you’re a major player in the agriculture sphere, there is something for everyone here. My aim is to show you different lifestyles, practices, and ideologies to show a spectrum of opportunities so that you might find something suitable to your walk through life.

You can meet Dan in person at the Off Grid Expo in September 2022.

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