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Hot Water Systems

by | Jun 9, 2023 | Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous Hot Water

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water System heats the water as it is needed. Heating the hot water as it passes through a heat exchanger inside the unit. The heat exchanger is heated by a gas burner.

An instantaneous hot water system provides hot water on demand whenever you turn on the tap. An instant gas hot water system is tankless, wall-mounted and compact.

  • Instant hot water systems provide a virtually endless supply of hot water
  • They save energy and money compared to a traditional hot water tanks
  • Compact design saves space and looks better than a large tank
  • They reduce gas emissions, as higher star ratings equate to lower CO2 output
  • They provide longer-lasting designs, with almost double the life span of a hot water tank
  • It is cleaner and fresher water than hot water tanks
  • Healthier and safer design as it inhibits bacteria growth

Solar Hot Water Systems

A solar water heater works just like a battery, storing energy from the sun in the form of hot water, ready for use at a later time. The three main types of solar hot water systems are evacuated tube, flat plate, and heat pump systems. Both flat plate and evacuated tube systems work by installing a solar thermal collector on a roof or an area with a large amount of exposure from the sun. A heat pump hot water system is a very efficient electric storage tank system that works on the same principle as a fridge or air conditioner, by extracting heat from the air and using it to heat the water tank.

A solar hot water system consists of solar collector panels and a storage tank. A four-person household typically needs about four square metres of solar collector area (two panels) and a 300–360L tank. You need a large tank to allow for days with less sunlight (or more hot showers than usual).

Pumped or split systems have collector panels on the roof but the tank is located at ground level (or elsewhere in the building). Hot water is pumped from the panels to the tank.

The storage tank usually has an electric or gas booster element to keep the water hot on days with less sunshine.

There are 3 main styles:

  1. On Roof System
  2. Split System
  3. Evacuated Tube System

The unit you choose will depend on your roof, the amount of sun you get and how many people will be using the hot water supply.

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