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by | Jul 8, 2024 | Off Grid Power

Are Solar battereis Worth the Cost?

With many people converting their Solar Systems to battery backup instead of connecting to the grid, we need to know is it worth getting solar batteries yet.

There are great totally off grid systems if you have the money and compromises for those that can’t afford the large upfront costs.

Either way the future will be dominated by renewable energy, and integrating solar batteries at a residential level is the next step. Putting our energy needs into our own hands allows us to better manage and understand our usage. It’s a bit like paying cash for everything you buy; it creates an awareness of just how much you spend and on what. Try doing this for s month and you can change your spending habits. The same happens when you see how much electricity certain appliances use and when your highest energy consumption is.

Knowing this information will help you decide whether it is worth you going totally off grid or would you be better with a hybrid system.

We use far more electricity during the day and very little at night. We shower during the day, do the washing and cook our main meal. AT night we use candles instead of lights and only flush the toilet every 3rd trip so we don’t use the pump to fill the tank so often. We have our fridge running all night but that is the only appliance using power.

As the fridge uses very little power it will not drain the batteries so we can manage quite easily. We also have only 2 people in the house and don’t watch TV. Everything comes down to lifestyle choice and what you value most.

You also need to consider back up systems for when we have a week of wet and cloudy weather. The batteries will still charge but you need to monitor your usage if there is less input of solar. This is where a hybrid system comes in handy, as you can draw from grid power only when you need to. Another good back up is a solar generator or even a standard generator if it is for short term use.

I think it is worth it if you can afford the batteries and hopefully, they will bring back the battery rebate as this will certainly make it more affordable. Remember to shop around and ask loads of questions. Once you go completely off grid the cost of maintaining and replacing your batteries as well as your solar panels and inverter is all on you.

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